A. P. Goodrich Rifle and Pistol Club

Kellogg Range


Alan P. Goodrich Rifle and Pistol Club

Range Rules



1. This range is for the use of Alan P. Goodrich Rifle & Pistol Club members (also wife and children under 18 years of age). Guests will be charged $5.00. Money should be deposited in the blue pipe behind the firing line.   Guests must be accompanied by a member.


2. The Alan P. Goodrich Rifle & Pistol Club accepts no liability for personal injury, theft or property involving members, guests, competitors or spectators at the outdoor or indoor ranges.


3.   Shoot only down range at approved distances into dirt backstops. Targets must be in front of backstops.


4.   Guns must be unloaded and broken open at all times except when on the firing line.


5.   Shoot only at approved targets. No cans or bottles. Do not hang targets on any wooden  posts.


6.   Anyone caught in the act of destroying or damaging posts, trees, buildings or any other club property will be expelled from the club and will pay for damages.


7.   Everyone must always shut and lock the gate when using the range!


8.   Shooting Hours - summer hours 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, fall and winter hours 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. If the mercury light comes on before the official quitting time, all shooting must stop.


9. Keep range area clean.  This means EVERYONE!  Please pick up all targets and brass after shooting.


10. Anyone who wants to shoot CLAY SKEET TARGETS can, but will have to shoot on the north end of the range. No shooting of these targets is allowed around the covered firing lines.


11. On the days of sanctioned matches, work bees, or other club events, the gate will be open. There will be no shooting except for match competitors except on 100 yd range with the match directors permission. He must give permission before you shoot. You must follow all range commands that are given for the competitors. When cease fire is announced, you must stop firing. The match director has the authority to deny permission to shoot and has authority to ask you to leave the range. Take up any problems with the board of directors.  Failure to follow the directions of the match director could cost you your membership. There is no open shooting on the days of a Pistol Silhouette Match.


12. All targets and equipment will be put away after each match.  Damaged equipment will be fixed, or arrangements made to have it fixed.  This is the match director?s responsibility.


13. The last person leaving the range after a match will make sure the gate is locked.


14. It is mandatory for all shooters and spectators to wear eye and ear protection on all firing lines.


15. NO RIFLE SHOOTING at the first three hanging steel targets in the pistol silhouette range area. RIFLE SHOOTERS can shoot at the chicken and ram, at the 200 meter line, and pig, turkey and ram from 200-500 meters.


16. All club members must be members of the NRA.


17. Any club member or group wanting to use the indoor or outdoor rifle and  pistol ranges for any special shooting or training event must clear the date, time, and format with the executive board. Call Dave Eichorn 989-875-5049, Marshall Chase 989-875-4781 or Pat Carey 517-420-5527.


18. No shooting on any range during gravesite services at the cemetery.  A notice will be posted on the gate or someone will come and ask you to stop shooting.


19. Rifles in .50 BMG caliber are no longer allowed on this range.  The range cannot contain the bullets reliably.


20. No firing forward of firing line without approval from the executive board.  This includes combat walking style shooting.


21. Shooters are not allowed to have more than 5 rounds in their magazine at any time.


22. These rules will be enforced by the executive board. The executive board has the right to expel club members and take back keys from anyone not adhering to the rules and to prosecute the offender.


23. All close range shooting (too include combat) is to be done on the N.W. end of the 100 yard range in the designated area on the firing line.


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