A. P. Goodrich Rifle and Pistol Club

Kellogg Range

Cancelled until further notice

Bulls - Eye (.22 cal.) Indoor Pistol

NRA conventional pistol competition consists of firing slow, timed, and rapid fire at 50 feet indoors. A match will consist of 20 shots, slow fire (two 10-shot strings, 10 minutes per string), 20 shots, timed fire (four 5-shot strings, 20 seconds per string), 20 shots, rapid fire (four 5-shot strings, 10 seconds per string), and the National Match Course (10-shots slow fire, 10-shots timed fire (two 5-shot strings), and 10-shot strings (two 5-shot strings). This match consists of 90 shots for a possible aggregate total of 900 points.

If interested in shooting or joining the team please contact:

Scott Hardman  989-875-411